Ancient Greek Interest Rates

Background on Money and Banking in Ancient Greece

Background on Ancient Greek Loans

Solon’s reforms Source

Types of Ancient Greek Loans

Charting These Loan Types and Interest Rate Data

Examples of Ancient Greek Loans

  • 369 B.C. A man borrowed on multiple dwellings at 16%
  • 346 B.C. Horoi pledge, mill and slaves at 12%
  • Fourth Century B.C. To Oreos; Demosthenes loan secured by revenues at 12%
  • 205 B.C. Miletus borrowed on life annuity at 10%
  • 71 B.C. Loan made to Gythium (poor credit) by Romans at 24–48%
  • 221–205 B.C. At Thespia 6–8%
  • 100 B.C. At Amorgos 10%
  • Aeschines the philosopher borrowed at 36% and later refunded his obligations at 18%
  • Phormio the banker borrowed at 16 2/3%
  • Stratocles loaned his money out at 18%



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